It gives me such pleasure to share that I have sold another book! Hooray! I’m heading back to my young adult roots with a thriller about a sleepover that goes HORRIBLY wrong. In PERFECT GIRL, my main character, Jessa, is the perfect girl next door. Only she’s starting to feel like her “perfect” reputation has become more of a cage than a choice. And that’s BEFORE she discovers a serial killer has targeted her. He thinks she’s perfect…for him. She’ll have to break free of the expectations she — and everyone else — has for her if she wants to save her friends, her crush, and herself.

This book was inspired by the sleepovers I had in high school with my friends in my super creepy basement. In fact, Jessa’s house (and basement) are based on my childhood home! We never had anything truly terrifying happen, but there WAS that time we watched SCREAM and scared the crap out of ourselves. I am so grateful to my high school friends for being there for me during my INCREDIBLY awkward teenage years. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, and I didn’t handle it nearly as gracefully as some of my friends. I tried to infuse this story with that same sense that you’re trying to figure yourself out…and it’s so confusing because everyone else has ideas about who you are or who you should be…and they all conflict! It can be so hard to tune out the noise and get to the heart of ourselves at that time in life. In Jessa’s case, her life depends on it!

PERFECT GIRL will release in 2024, and I can’t wait to share more with you as we get closer!

Happy reading!


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