Title and Cover Reveal!!

Behold the awesomeness of the Grace and Fury sequel! I love that Queen of Ruin‘s cover is red and bold, and I think it’ll look awesome with both the original Grace and Fury as well as the exclusive OwlCrate edition.

Also, a fun little tidbit! Most titles are created by committee…they’re often not what the author originally thought of. Like with Grace and Fury – my original title was something very different and changed multiple times throughout the revision and publication process (which is why some foreign editions are titled “Iron Flowers”! That was the original title when it sold! Personally, I LOVE the title Grace and Fury, and can’t imagine it being called anything else. When it came time to title the sequel, we all had a lot of trouble! Coming up with two equally powerful words: __ and __ : was difficult. As I was finishing the first draft, the title Queen of Ruin popped into my head. I sent it off to my editor, not expecting much (I’d already suggested quite a few titles at that point, most of which were, admittedly, TERRIBLE. Ha ha). And then I got the news! My editor and the LBYR team loved Queen of Ruin! Yay!

I hope YOU will love it, and the cover, and the BOOK, as much as I do. I’m really excited about this one – so much of Grace and Fury was about establishing this bleak, patriarchal world. Queen of Ruin is about tearing it all down.

Please add Queen of Ruin to your Goodreads TBR shelf! (But be careful, there are spoilers for G+F in the description!)


Grace and Fury
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